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I am sure like me you have heard many views on whether or not virtual events will take over from live events & the arguments seems very polarised & when it comes to hybrid solutions again the majority option has been to stream the full conference direct to those delegates viewing remotely. 
But for me that as a hybrid solution really fails our industries we all know the benefits of live events, there is nothing better than watching a truly impactful keynote speaker really engage a room full of delegates & hearing the network chat during every available break & of course for event sponsors & partners the opportunity for face to face engagement is key. 
However, even if we put the Covid pandemic to one side to opportunity to engage with delegates that can’t attend is attractive, but there are very few conferences that I & I am sure many others would sit through the full day of while sitting in my office & watching on my monitor. 
So the Dancing Squirrel team & I set to work to come up with a solution that could help. 
It is based around our belief that to engage remote viewer we should learn from our colleagues in broadcast TV (link to other blog about studio), the concept is simple & based around the following principles; 
That the event / conferences wants to engage with those delegates that cannot attend the live event 
That the goal is to attract the to attend the live event next time 
That we understand much of the live experience is lost for those watching a stream of the event 
The solution we have developed is to stream a live conference highlights show (approx. 1-hour) from the event, showing key sections of presentations, but then interviewing the presenters about them & getting the opportunity to explore the areas in more depth & but perhaps engaging with a sponsor for their insight, the broadcast could show highlights & short interview from the exhibition floor / network areas 
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