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The Brief 
In a competitive tender between production companies, Caremark chose Dancing Squirrel because we promised more than production. As a creative agency, we promised to elevate their brand and deliver a conference that left delegates remembering the message the speakers were looking to make. 
Caremark provided us with brand guidelines and templates for their presentations, including keywords and points they wanted to highlight. We were told the title of the event ‘Building a Winning Team’ and were tasked with applying our creativity to create engaging content to work alongside our seamless production.  
The Solution 
We delivered on our promise. Our team worked hand-in-hand with Caremark throughout every stage of the event planning process, from the initial brainstorming session to the final post-event debrief. Our close collaboration ensured clear communication, a deep understanding of their goals, and an event that flawlessly reflected their objectives.  
We created presentations that were both on-brand and dynamic, ensuring they captured the essence of our company's identity while engaging the audience effectively. By skillfully integrating their brand's colours, fonts, and imagery, each slide felt cohesive and visually appealing. Our innovative use of animation and transitions added a layer of dynamism, making the content not only informative but also captivating. 
The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with delegates and speakers saying that it was an immense improvement on last year’s conference. 
For details of how Dancing Squirrel can support your conference please call us on +44 (0)1280 730074 or email us on office@dancingsquirrel.co.uk 
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