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Dancing Squirrel is shaking the tree when it comes to taking positive steps for the environment. 
Here at Dancing Squirrel, we are passionate about events, and we are always searching for the best way to create a lasting impact on our clients' delegates. 
Our focus on delivering the best event possible remains unchanged. However, we are also paying more attention to the world around us and we recognise that we all have to change the way we live, to support the changes that are occurring on our planet. 
We know, there is no planet B… 
Dancing Squirrel takes our Environmental, Sustainability, Governance (ESG) program very seriously and to the point, where we are working hard toward ‘B Corp’ certification. We also feel that the ‘Creative Collective’ can reduce our impact on the earth and with focus and a real commitment to sustainable events, not just greenwashing, we can achieve our objectives of impactful, whilst sustainable events. After all, it's why we have joined like-minded event professionals at ISLA, and more importantly for us as a company, why we have created and launched ‘Project Infinity’ 
Often termed “Green events” or “sustainable events”, are increasingly popular as organisations are more aware of the impact their actions have on the environment. There is still much to do… 
Whilst it may seem like a straightforward concept, creating sustainable events comes with its own set of challenges. This is why we want to lead the way and explain more about Project Infinity. 
Project Infinity enables us to explore the challenges faced in creating sustainable events and provides the platform for how to overcome them. 
1. Finding the right venue 
Finding a venue that is committed to sustainability can be a challenge. Many venues prioritize convenience and cost over sustainability, which can make it difficult to find a location that aligns with our values. However, with some research, we can find venues that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and are actively implementing sustainable practices. 
2. Reducing waste 
Reducing waste is a significant challenge in creating sustainable events. Events generate a lot of waste, from food and drink containers to decorations and promotional materials. To reduce waste, we consider using recyclable or compostable materials, providing water refill stations, and encouraging attendees to have their own reusable water bottles. These can be included as part of the ‘SWAG’ bag! 
3. Transportation 
Transportation is another significant challenge in creating sustainable events. Attendees often travel from different parts of the country, which can generate a significant amount of carbon emissions. To reduce transportation emissions, you can encourage attendees to consider carsharing, use more public transport, or even offer an electric shuttle bus service. 
4. Food and beverage choices 
Food and beverage choices can also pose a challenge in creating sustainable events. Meat-based dishes have a higher carbon footprint than vegetarian or vegan options, so consider offering plant-based meal options. You can also choose locally sourced and organic food options, which can reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and production. 
5. Communication and education 
Finally, communication and education are where we believe Project Infinity can be used most effectively. Delegates are unlikely to stop and think too much about the sustainability side of an event and may not be aware of the event's sustainability goals or the impact their actions can have on the environment. To address this challenge, through Project Infinity we can communicate the sustainability goals and initiatives to all delegates before, during and post the event. We have the aim of helping to educate organisers and delegates on our sustainable practices and encourage them all, to adopt eco-friendly behaviours. 
In conclusion, creating sustainable events comes with its own set of challenges. However, by working with Dancing Squirrels team, being proactive and taking the steps through Project Infinity to address these challenges, we can create events that align with great values and contribute to a more sustainable future. With the right venue, waste reduction strategies, transportation options, food and beverage choices, and communication and education initiatives, we will work with you to create, build and deliver an amazing event, be that a Conference, Exhibition, Town Hall, or just a simple team supporting Technical Production, including ‘live streaming’ in a way that has the least impact on the environment but is a hugely successful eco-friendly event. 
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