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Dancing Squirrel was entrusted with the task of supporting Airbus with their ‘HR Grow Together Event.’ Aimed at bringing the HR team in the UK together to discuss how the year had gone, what inspired them, and how they could develop a deeper understanding of their function, whilst enjoying some entertainment including energisers and gameshow themed quizzes along the way. 
The first challenge was to source a venue central for delegates coming from the client’s main sites across the UK. The client also wanted a change from the traditional country house setting of previous years, so the creative direction was to embrace the energy of a city, leading us to Birmingham. After exploring a number of unique venue options, the Park Regis Hotel Birmingham emerged as an ideal fit for this experience. 
Two of the main areas the client wanted to focus on while planning this event were growth and sustainability. As the event producer, the vision was key to the impact of the meeting –transforming the stock conference room to embody the theme of ‘growth’. 
Dancing Squirrel’s solution? 
The in-house design team created custom graphics that were strategically placed throughout the venue, incorporated into the stage set, as well as forming the look & feel of the presentation decks that again, were produced here at Dancing Squirrel. These visuals seamlessly integrated the event/client branding while adding a subtle touch of greenery to resonate with the ‘grow together’ theme. 
The second key aspect was to hone in on sustainability. Developed alongside key partners over many years, the solution for this is an iPad system paired with a custom platform that’s designed to eliminate unnecessary paper usage at conferences. This isn’t just about going paperless though, these iPads host the entire presentation as a follow-along feature, incorporating quizzes for further engagement, whilst providing real-time audience feedback. It also enables efficient Q&A plus provides space for delegates to jot down notes. All accompanying documents were also hosted which allowed delegates to refer to them throughout the event. The cherry on top? All this content can be conveniently emailed to delegates after the event. This iPad solution is a practical and eco-friendly approach that not only reduces waste but also enhances the overall conference experience for attendees. 
This project broke new ground for the client, innovating on event delivery. As a resounding success, it has resulted in an opportunity for Dancing Squirrel to work closer with this client on many more events to come. 
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